Stop the Lighter-Nabbing! A Bong Buddy Review

A Bong Buddy Review: If you are smoking right now, chances are, you have got a lighter next to you, maybe a few. There are times, though, when there is not a lighter around, and the search begins. Stoners, you know the struggle: “Where is my lighter?” or “I just had a lighter in my hand.” As a long-time smoker, I have taken my fair share of lighters from my friends. I have also had lighters nabbed from my collection. It is the circle of stoner life, but sometimes your favorite lighter goes missing, or worst-case scenario, your last lighter goes missing. We have all been the victims of lighter napping or the perpetrators. No matter how hard I have tried to keep my favorite lighters safe, with magnets and special wraps, I never can seem to fix my lighter woes. That was until I received a subscription box a few months ago that had a nifty little tool. Surprisingly, it has solved a lot of my missing lighter problems. This magical, lighter-saving accessory is called the Bong Buddy by Highly Innovative. Made with Live GIF (1)                                              Made with Live GIF  

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