Res Caps- Bong Caps For Cleaning


The ORIGINAL ResÖlution Res Caps ®
  • Bong Caps for Cleaning, Carrying & Scent Stopping
  • Res Caps’ Innovative design stretches & seals virtually all glass water pipes, steamrollers & accessories
  • Cleaning your glass has never been this easy with Res Caps
  • Take your glass on the road with spill-proof, mess-proof Res Caps
  • Store your bongs stink-free with scent-stopping Res Caps
  • Treat your glass to the best with Resolution!
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Res Caps by Resolution Colorado are a bong essential! If you’ve ever cleaned a bong before you know the headache of covering the openings of the pipe. Res Caps are silicone covers that fit virtually all bongs! With small and large caps in every pack that stretch to fit, there’s no spill risk. To easily clean your bong, just empty out the water, drop in some alcohol and course salt or use Weed Wipes, slide the res caps over the openings and shake, shake, shake!

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