JaneDro and #MyTHCbox unboxing!

In late February I got a call from Mary with #myTHCbox who said that JaneDro was going to be the curator for March’s subscription box and that Jane wanted Bong Buddy to be a part of it! We had sent Jane a Bong Buddy late last year after falling in love with her channel and were totally stoked to see how much she liked it and that she wanted to help us spread the word. Since then we have stayed in touch with Jane and have plans to continue working together. Jane’s subscribers are passionate and fiercely loyal and it has been a pleasure to see all of them get involved in the unboxing video giveaway. Jane suffers from MS and just a few years ago was confined to a wheel chair; since starting to medicate with marijuana regularly she has been able to regain mobility, is out of her wheel chair and is kicking ass! She’s currently working hard to train for a marathon in Portland later this year! Check out her unboxing video and check out www.mythcbox.com to get your LIMITED TIME JaneDro #mythcbox! It’s packed with the essentials, the fun stuff and a custom Grow with JaneDro Thick Ass Glass beaker bong! #myTHCbox is dedicated to spreading Cannabis awareness and legalization nationwide. They are so dedicated that they donate $1 from every box to NORML, the organization focused on reforming marijuana laws- visit your state chapter of the organization to get involved! Subscribe to #myTHCbox for $35.99 for a monthly package filled with the industry’s latest and greatest glass, tools and innovations with discreet shipping. Drop your comments below!   https://youtu.be/2p5SbFKLPvE

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