Are Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Bad for Local Business?

A few weeks ago Americans for Safe Access released a report titled “Where Will Patients Obtain Their Medicine?”. The advocacy group’s report touches on the impact that medical marijuana dispensaries have on the communities they are located in, specifically looking at the affect that they have on patients, their influence on teen drug use and crime. Legal […]

Should We Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol?

The phrase ‘regulate marijuana like alcohol’ has become very popular in the last decade. And why shouldn’t we try to regulate it like alcohol? Marijuana is less addictive and safer than alcohol, which has a tendency of stimulating aggressiveness in its users. Therefore, telling voters to support regulating marijuana like alcohol has resulted in a […]

DEA Reports Marijuana Least of its Concerns

Recently, the Drug Enforcement Agency has been in the news for several different reasons, including the statement made by the DEA’s Chief Chuck Rosenberg in which he calls medical marijuana a joke. A new report, titled The 2015 National Drug Threat Assessment Summary, has been released in which law enforcement seems to have a different opinion […]

Colorado Gives Marijuana Tax Revenue to Schools

Colorado just announced that it is set to start investing the extra marijuana sales tax money in schools, scholarships and other youth programs. Two-thirds voted in favor of Proposition BB which allows the state to hold onto all money raised. Proposition BB mandates that voter approved taxes are to be returned to citizens of the state, […]

Michigan Court Appeals Decision Over Marijuana Tip

Recently, the Michigan Court of Appeals ruled that marijuana possession was not enough to warrant police to seize property. This particular case began back in April 2013 with a traffic stop in Westland, Michigan. A police over pulled over pizza delivery driver, Linda Ross, and found a gram of marijuana in her possession. Her 2007 […]

What Is A Bong: Definition, Smoking, Types, Parts, Sizes and More

Your Guide To Bongs: Definition, Smoking, Types, Parts, Sizes and Water Levels of Bongs! What Is A Bong? We’ve all been there, just getting curious about new ways to relax or treat medical conditions and here you are trying to figure out what a bong is. Bongs are a type of pipe, or smoking device, […]