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The Best Bong Lighter Holder

Bong Buddy: Stop Losing Lighters!
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How Bong Buddy Works:

Step 1

Insert Bic or generic standard size lighter into the silicone lighter holder.

Step 2

Wrap the silicone strap around the chamber of your bong or pipe.

Step 3

Pull, Light, Release!

The #1 Retractable Lighter Holder For Bongs


Where's My Lighter?

We’ve all been there, we’re alone on the couch with our bong asking where in the world did my lighter go? The Bong Buddy makes it easy to leave a lighter with your bong all the time, so it’s always there when you are.

Glass Safe

When Bong Buddy is used as intended it is totally glass safe! We do not recommend being wreckless with it.

Award Winning

We have received multiple awards for function, price and durability. Sometimes, it’s the small inexpensive tool that is such a game changer! If you haven’t tried one yet, you’re missing out!


Don’t just take our word for it, do your due diligence! Check out our customer reviews, articles and videos from 3rd parties and customers on what they think of the #1 Bong Lighter Holder!

Stop the Lighter-Nabbing! A Bong Buddy Review

A Bong Buddy Review: If you are smoking right now, chances are, you have got a lighter next to you, maybe a few. There are times, though, when there is not a lighter around, and the search begins. Stoners, you know the struggle: “Where is my lighter?” or “I just had a...

JaneDro and #MyTHCbox unboxing!

In late February I got a call from Mary with #myTHCbox who said that JaneDro was going to be the curator for March's subscription box and that Jane wanted Bong Buddy to be a part of it! We had sent Jane a Bong Buddy late last year after falling in love with her...

CustomGrow420 Review Bong Buddy

18+older. The Bong Buddy is a retractable lighter holder for your bong!! Multiple colors to choose from!! Fits most bongs!! Glass safe!! Never lose your lighter again with the Bong Buddy! The company guarantees satisfaction and free shipping!! Almost any stoner would...

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A few weeks ago Americans for Safe Access released a report titled “Where Will Patients Obtain Their Medicine?”. The advocacy group's report touches on the impact that medical marijuana dispensaries have on the communities they are located in, specifically looking at...

Should We Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol?

The phrase ‘regulate marijuana like alcohol’ has become very popular in the last decade. And why shouldn't we try to regulate it like alcohol? Marijuana is less addictive and safer than alcohol, which has a tendency of stimulating aggressiveness in its users....

DEA Reports Marijuana Least of its Concerns

Recently, the Drug Enforcement Agency has been in the news for several different reasons, including the statement made by the DEA's Chief Chuck Rosenberg in which he calls medical marijuana a joke. A new report, titled The 2015 National Drug Threat Assessment Summary,...

Colorado Gives Marijuana Tax Revenue to Schools

Colorado just announced that it is set to start investing the extra marijuana sales tax money in schools, scholarships and other youth programs. Two-thirds voted in favor of Proposition BB which allows the state to hold onto all money raised. Proposition BB mandates...

Michigan Court Appeals Decision Over Marijuana Tip

Recently, the Michigan Court of Appeals ruled that marijuana possession was not enough to warrant police to seize property. This particular case began back in April 2013 with a traffic stop in Westland, Michigan. A police over pulled over pizza delivery driver, Linda...

Bong Basics: A Quick Guide To Bongs

What Is A Bong? A bong is a water filtered smoking device that filters the smoke providing a smoother, cooler and cleaner hit. The bong filters the smoke through water, which removes heavy residue particles and water dissolving molecules and prevents them from...