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    Bong Buddy- The Best Bong Lighter Holder

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    Res Caps- Bong Caps For Cleaning

  • Sale! res caps bong caps bong buddy bong lighter leash bundle

    Bong Buddy & Res Cap Bundle

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    Bong Cleaning Kit Deluxe by Weed Wipes


How Bong Buddy Works:

Step 1

Insert Bic or generic standard size lighter into the black silicone lighter holder.

Step 2

Wrap the silicone strap around the chamber of your bong or pipe.

Step 3

Pull, Light, Release!

The #1 Bong Lighter Holder!


Where's My Lighter?

Bong lighter problems? Looking for a bong lighter leash? The Bong Buddy bong lighter holder makes it easy to leave a lighter with your bong all the time, so it’s always there when you are.


Glass Safe

When Bong Buddy is used as intended it is totally glass safe! We do not recommend being wreckless with it.

Award Winning

We have received multiple awards for function, price and durability. Our bong lighter holder is a simple solution to an annoying problem! Every bong needs a Bong Buddy!


Don’t just take our word for it, check out our customer reviews. We’ve been saving lighters since 2015.

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